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ASC Provision - Chiltern Class

Chiltern Class is a specialist provision for children with Autism which opened in January 1999. This ASC provision sits in a purpose built unit within the mainstream school. It provides education for a small group of pupils between Years 5 to 8, staffed by a teacher and specialist teaching assistants, who are highly experienced in the needs of children with autistic spectrum conditions.

To gain entry, all pupils have an EHCP that clearly identifies that they have a difficulty on the Autistic Spectrum as their prime area of need. All pupils are assessed for their suitability for the provision against agreed criteria by Central Bedfordshire Local Authority. Pupils selected by the local authority to attend are those who would have difficulty accessing a mainstream class, but have the potential to do so for at least some of the school day if they have a secure base and enough structure and support is put in place to facilitate this.

The provision is planned along the lines of a specialist TEACCH classroom where we aim to create the right balance between interaction and ‘space’ from social demands; between meeting new challenges and staying in ‘comfort zones’. Individual timetables are adapted, negotiated and developed to meet each individual pupil’s need, both social and academic, ensuring a balance of access to mainstream learning with support to develop their other holistic areas of need, within the provision. 

We are an inclusive part of Arnold Academy, following policies to create a consistent approach for our pupils. Pupils who join the ASC provision are expected, over their four years with us, to work towards attending most of their subjects in mainstream lessons, being able to attend mainstream for at least some of the time on entry.  Staff work with pupils throughout the four years to assist them in increasing their organisation and independence skills and to assist them in partaking in as much whole school life as possible, both academic and social.  Pupils are encouraged to join clubs and socialise with other pupils. They are encouraged to participate in special events such as trips, discos, sports day and charity fundraising events.

All the pupils are following the National Curriculum programmes of study for both core and foundation subjects.

For your child to best benefit from Chiltern class they should be able to:

  1. Access the curriculum at an age appropriate level or within normal class levels of differentiation.
  2. Integrate successfully into mainstream classes within their year group
  3. Have mostly age appropriate language development. 

Chiltern Class is not a classroom for individual teaching. Small group work and individual teaching within the provision is seen as a means to develop the social, emotional and work skills needed to enable successful integration to take place.