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School Uniform

Academy Colours - Black, Grey, Bottle Green and Gold

  • Black Banner Charleston school skirt – drop waist all round pleated skirt worn to the knee; OR
  • Formal, tailored grey or black trousers – (non-stretch fabric, straight leg not drain pipe, not tightly fitted, no studs).
  • Plain white blouse with plain revere collar OR
  • Plain white, non ‘fashion’ shirt AND
  • Academy tie – only available from ‘Prestige’
  • Bottle green pullover (V-neck) or cardigan - plain knit with logo - only available from ‘Prestige’
  • Plain white, grey or black socks OR
  • Black or bottle green tights
  • Black sensible shoes – flat or low-heeled, no pointed heels, or platforms. No boots to be worn indoors. Trainers and sports footwear are only permitted in PE.  See additional notes under general points

Summer Options:

  • Gold, logo-embroidered polo shirt – only available from ‘Prestige’
  • Dark green and white checked dress of any reasonable design OR
  • Grey or black shorts/skorts
PE Kit
  • Black and green polo shirt – only available from ‘Prestige’
  • Black and green shorts – only available from ‘Prestige’
  • Trainers or plimsolls – (non –marking) for indoor PE
  • Trainers for outdoor PE
  • Ankle socks – white for indoor PE and Summer term PE
  • Football socks – black
  • Football boots – essential for Boys, optional for Girls (essential for extra-curricular Football and Rugby)
  • Shin pads and gum shield
  • Black tracksuit trousers – unbranded

For winter sports and in cold weather, pupils must wear either of the essential items:

  • Black and green reversible rugby shirt – only available from ‘Prestige’
  • Black and green ¼ zipped jacket – only available from ‘Prestige’


  • Black and green hoodie - only available from ‘Prestige’


*******Please ensure all uniform and equipment is clearly named*******


  • Shoes should be black in colour, have an upper made from one material, which should be leather or leather-like and capable of being polished.  There should be no distinctive branding.

    We ask that parents support us in both the spirit and the letter of these rules. 

  • Hairstyles are expected to be neat and tidy and not in any fashion that will draw any undue attention to themselves.  Extreme fashion hairstyles including Mohicans/Mohawks, shavings/markings, lines (shaved or otherwise), dyed hair, dip dyed hair and contrasting highlights are not allowed. Excessive hair products used to sculpt hair into extreme styles are also not permitted. Long hair must be tied back for practical lessons and PE. 

  • Nail varnish and make up must not be worn by pupils.  Acrylics and gel nails are not permitted. 

  • Watches that have internet capabilities are not permitted. 

  • One small plain stud may be worn in the ear lobe. No other piercings or other items of jewellery are permitted apart from the Sikh bangle. 

  • Studs and watches will be removed during PE lessons and remain the responsibility of the pupil. If studs cannot be removed tape/plasters must be brought from home and worn over them.


Uniform can be purchased from Prestige Design & Workwear, Unit 2, Barton Industrial Estate, Faldo Road, Barton-le-Clay, MK45 4RP (near The Olde Watermill). Click here to access Prestige's web site. 

 Reviewed September 2021